Sheila Beela   What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, our present thoughts build our life of tomrrow: our life is the creation of our mind.

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Did you get 1 day off or 2?
Dacing machine
Brillant comment from prolific friend
I go around thinking I want a more barber-like God
If you need a haircut, consider...
Just because you fart it doesn't mean it's real
miss them both!
Give it all away
Where do rockets come from?
Love will tear us apart again
Sick of the shit
Special bday
pink cloud hunting in North America
it's easy to keep on consuming
it's always there
have you tried this?
it smells a bit like beef jerky
Watch out for this on Linkedin
Accessorize your skeleton
Still there, yo!
Turn your "what if" to "what is"
It is happening now
they make you straonger or something
living in the sprawl
I read an inspiring NYT article on Miranda July
I identify with this comment said about Miranda July
Houston is the Las Vegas of healthcare
Do you see the memories fade in your mind?
So sad, I know
From a brillant creative mornings talk
Have you ever seen a cyclops on a unicycle?
we have a word for this
Jackson Avenue on a regular day
Why I may take a long time to become a born-again Texan
We are connected with electricity
Home food
Funny girl
The swirl gets out
This is true quite often
Still buttery
Holden Caulfield calls it
Missing something that doesn't exist anymore
The micro doesn't equal the macro
I should make these
Talking-About-Your_Emotions Sheets
Why I Am Not a Baker
Often difficult
My uterus wants to lift off
I'm lying when I call it a rocketship
Not much oxygen in that bubble
Owl or E.T.?
If y ou are sick of Animals in Space
Things I've heard a good manager say