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eight dinos + one brain
muffins and milk
cross sections
grows 400% with water
have you seen my shower curtain? it looks like my purse
can you find your company's logo in your soup?
the pancreas just doesn't get enough credit
find more like her
take my survey on why I don't have a job yet     results
hole puncher on feminism, thank you le tigre
Journal of Surgery-Burgery
surface area and length
body parts à la mode
may your relationship grow and grow until you break up
this too shall pass
paint with water lifedrawing project
cupid vs. hurt lover, courtroom medical exhibits
did some one say money or sex?
in san francisco the houses match the maps
south chicago sky so mysterious and ground so elegant
the leaves are over rated, however the light under the leaves is not
clearly everyone's internet experience has not been the same as mine
rothko bricks
go go lactobacillus acidophilus
where is that thing?
don't get your dna in a knot
Warhol's favorite sculpture
save the star from the desert
yellow is the new white

1. Why do you think I don't have a job already?

it is summer, no one hires during summer
you've probably called the companies too much and bugged them
you probably haven't called the companies enough
they probably found a typo on your resume
they hate you because you haven't been out of school for very long
companies don't have enough work for their current staff, they can't hire you
they don't understand what your masters degree is in
(for the ones out of Chicago) they don't think that you'd really move to work for them
you scared them off with your pictures of insides and ovary underpants
your ideas are one liners
the companies are busy right now, they don't have time to look at your stuff
they probably found some sort of content obstructing glitch on your website when using an obscure browser you didn't check it in
you did not lie on your resume
they've never heard of your university
they probably found this web site and are uninterested to hire someone who sounds so desperate
they consulted with god and realized that you'll go berserk if you get a job anyway, so figured they'd spare you the pain
there are reasons you haven't thought of yet, (please fill in here)
genius is never appreciated in its own time

2. What do you think I should do in the mean while?
make more silly stuff
get a job that isn't in your field
get angry at your family and friends
send lovey cards to your family and friends
go to movies
go to rock shows
become a groupie to your favorite band
get up and eat some more dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds
work for free
pester your friends who are working
keep looking
get your own business going
go to the grocery store and try to convince people to cut down on the flavored drinks
concentrate on finding a benefactor who wants to fund your ideas
find a rich lover
go back to painting
write a grant
enter contests
study 'cultures' and 'time'
learn bookkeeping
go back to school in something else (I am open to suggestions)
other ideas, please list here

3. OPTIONAL identify yourself