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1. Why do you think I don't have a job already?

by far and away the winning answers to this question were "Bush" and " genius is never appreciated in its own time"
using my jobtimecalculator this means I'll have a job in 2004 if everyone keeps their butts in gear or never
the average of these possibilities = 35 years from now... Great! I guess I better get working on that in the meanwhile stuff.

Reasons You suggested for why I don't have a job yet are:
a. I suck (this has also been discussed as a reason why someone *would* hire me)
b. Rumsfeld
c. vampires ate all of my possible employers
d. they think the "pancreas" photo on your shirt is actually a penis and they're thinking that they couldn't possibly hire a woman who would wear a penis on her chest
e. Idiots control everything

I wrote a survey on on why it took me a while to find a job and what people thought I should do in the meanwhile. Here are the results. Thanks for participating folks.

2. What do you think I should do in the meanwhile?

I am glad so many people would be supportive of me going to the grocery store and trying to convince people to cut down on the flavored drinks. I really might let it fly on some of the shoppers one of these days. Colored water has NO nutrients and it just makes me so sad to see people with full grocery carts, yet without vitamins. I mean, it is easily done, bottom rack- colored waters; main basket-soda, white bread, frozen pizza, wieners, and sugary cereals. The most some people ever get for a vegetable is the corn that comes with the frozen dinners. They aren't reading this, so I'll stop, but I may set up a little "nutrition learning table" in the back of the store.

Other things you suggested I could do in the meanwhile: