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eight dinos + one brain
muffins and milk
cross sections
grows 400% with water
have you seen my shower curtain? it looks like my purse
can you find your company's logo in your soup?
the pancreas just doesn't get enough credit
find more like her
take my survey on why I don't have a job yet     results
hole puncher on feminism, thank you le tigre
Journal of Surgery-Burgery
surface area and length
body parts à la mode
may your relationship grow and grow until you break up
this too shall pass
paint with water lifedrawing project
cupid vs. hurt lover, courtroom medical exhibits
did some one say money or sex?
in san francisco the houses match the maps
south chicago sky so mysterious and ground so elegant
the leaves are over rated, however the light under the leaves is not
clearly everyone's internet experience has not been the same as mine
rothko bricks
go go lactobacillus acidophilus
where is that thing?
don't get your dna in a knot
Warhol's favorite sculpture
save the star from the desert
yellow is the new white