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lovebirds poop too, may it not fall on you
perspective matters, andrew bird reminded me
adornment can change your world
Project 25
in the desert, and you want to waterpaint
pies are more than __________
Mobiles are easy decor to relocate
Construction watching
When everything just seems like little bits
sometimes you want to see only pink
even when the thing is lost, it is still yours
tall wirey things penetrating the sky
it doesn't rain so much in the midwest
i was trying to look for you
everyone seems to know what is coming
does your furniture enable flight?
don't take me too seriously
i am in this tangle and so are you
you annoy me, but i find you beautiful
they are filling
after the mirage, you are still standing in the desert
after the mirage, you are still standing in the dessert
lifedrawing + paint with water, much faster
sometimes it's the mad reds, not the blues
This is possible and even necessary
sometimes the light around the clouds can be blinding
bring on the rain
you are here and happy too
sometimes the threat of rain is enough
after you eat this fruit, we'll tell you what it is called
the scariest thing is to be in the cocoon
my heart is harder to crush
I like to laugh at this state
these are the rules for being literal