Sheila Beela   They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.
-Andy Warhol

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people were starting to give up!
perhaps you already know what this means
a loft bed is fun (for a while)
it takes a bit of effort to hold things together
someone called me top banana, but it's all relative
gooning out doesn't make for the most intersting work
before snake/aftersnake
mobiles are easy to move, if you can find them afterwards
the more I want to hear from you, the less likely I am to call
do what you will, there will still be ups and downs
oh the paper moon!
fighting off embitterment
there are ways of understanding
a preview of the Project 25 portfolio
will it be as good as I expected or better?
how I can know a lot about you from limited information
keeping the spokes the same length, important trick
connect the dots
you can come with me to the concert, if I find the tickets
cell phone fairies
polka dot powerpoint slide
do you know the song Happy Day by Andrew Bird?
in order to expedite recovery
one of the best things to look for on a windy day
sometimes your thoughts get blown away in the wind
sometimes it just won't come into focus
awareness of conversation imbalances
did the letters fall down?
the difference is amplitude
love will tear us apart
old men in my life
lesserknown merit badge
I am thinking of making a painting like this
Do you have the patience to wait. until your mud settles
Make the line as weird as possible
Song by Frank O'Hara
Here's where the shit creeps in