Sheila Beela   This too shall pass.

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clothes are one way to make a man
there's no accounting for taste
have you seen this graph about hurricanes?
it's abstract
part of artwork made for friends upon marriage
walking with everyone
i'm only telling you it's abstract
tireshop 1
tireshop 2
where i am now, but what got me here?
powerpoints in nature
I like my fleece, but want a new one
brown can be as lovely as green
it seems like hello kitty would have rights to this plant by now
do you know the douglas iris?
Traffic at night is all the lovlier if you aren't sitting in it
The shit eaters sure do have it easy
In times of struggle, you are being prepared for change
be open
color adjustments make it look just like the cookbook
Seems everyone is wanting something intensely
paisleys in nature
horror vacui or horror of changing activities, or sleeping or waking
there are solid alternatives to the bar graph
free the legends!
fish swim away
do you know the O'Hara poem Animals
my new entryway with dingleberries
gooning drawings aren't interesting, but collaboration might work
just remember who called herself this first
suddenly all of my weather metaphors seem wrong
where the sun shines the doctor starves
i bet you've had situations worse than this

you've got to be careful with the Nico
this is high drama
join me
the horror vacui goes on
love fearlessly
i got a haircut
have you been given this advice?