Sheila Beela   Time makes fools of us all.

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tired advice can gain full meaning again
is it better living?
these days
love and tears are associated, remember?
dots are a path to infinity
I realize I like edges
a sheila beela recipe for you
a quote by Havelock Ellis
dots are a path to infinity and there will be more
the nail that sticks up gets hammered down
not the blues, but the mad reds
something to be said for keeping things even
how many coat, scarf, hat combos are there?
this is something
do you know this Warhol quote?
so bellyfull that you can't imagine being hungry again
hunger and emotions are both early warning systems
did you notice spring was about to happen?
it is all yours
i see you for the rocketship you want to be
seeing you is a loaded gun
peek a boo
restless sensation caused by spring rain
then they all burst open
banana plant screen prints
maybe one day I'll be able to pull off something like this
it doesn't make you a boring person
something small that can be something big
oh the desire
where do dachshundflies come from?
you have agency, you have pox
what do I wear on Sunday when my Beela runs out?
seeing you is a loaded gun, #2
typo or new word
Houston sign
look for more russian avant garde on
"it's complicated" but at a certain level, not really
the enlargement of a lover's eye