Sheila Beela   What else do you have besides time?

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try to live from this quote by hipster artist Andrea Zittel
Dust you are and unto dust you shall return
a living room I'd like to live in
at some level it is just the luck of the draw
for the boy homos and the straight girls
in sanskrit the word is pratiloman
". . . from hell's heart I stab at thee"
a dream of a boy
oh summer!
Do you know this Rumi?
anything is possible
order numbers
starfish dog
i had a dream and you were in it
let's ante up and see
you might be off kilter today, or on kilter
may you light up someone else's brain
one day every restaurant will offer a grilled chicken salad
when the wind blows
i like to think of my goat as my ass or ego
un-original halloween rhyme for you faces
the goon doesn't know much, but she knows jiba
have you seen my favorite font?
sometimes it is just polishing the turd
Do me a favor, look at me closer
you need the guacamole to set off the orange
your favorite medical illustrator at work
making artwork for her parents living room
good advice because
what makes big glamorous places operate
could i really stand behind this?
love will tear us apart again (so many ways to do it)
it can look like laziness
maybe it is the car thing
be mindful