Sheila Beela   How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -Annie Dillard

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for valentines day we are having humble pie
try adding a "g" to words for fun
small world
this will do
look at the yogurt flavor carefully before choosing
another warhol quote for you
a logo i wish i had thought of
i've told you before the goon work isn't always best
what came first?
being on earth has consequences

do you like a cabbage baloon?
nothing like some J.D. Salinger
connect the dots house on sand
how perfectly goddamn delightful it all is, to be sure.
do you like this Pointillism tree?
cherry blossoms are inspiring
did you see that orange flash?
did you throw away these microwaves?
hope you've had a nice year
inside outside artwork
Don't forget
per rwd
here's my new color scheme
he's got to put them away himself
candy donuts
here's a dog
do you know the wabi sabi?
patience, patience, patience
dots are still a path to infiinity
What's missing here?
See you around kittycat

was this my last Chicago winter?

NYC skies
Is spring causing visual disturbances for everyone?
Debbie downer
The problem with design
It's time for new ideas
The grindstone becomes you
A shout out
every tear I cry is a tear for you
how we can't help our nature
why I cry
it's so grabable
new life